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Hi, my name is Edward H. Carpenter, and I created this journal to "scratch my own itch" and give me a way to improve my own mindfulness, focus, and creativity... It worked for me, so I decided to share it with the world...

...when I'm not writing or creating projects like this one, you'll find me leading Marines, traveling around the world, engaged in philanthropy, attending Burning Man, TEDx, and SXSW...

About the Author

About this Journal

Keeping a daily journal has been a "best practice" of great minds from Marcus Aurelius to Anaïs Nin. Most of them started with a blank page, but this journal gives you a bit more. It starts and ends each day with a quote, carefully chosen to inspire you to think (and write) about new beginnings, your choices, your mindfulness, and your work - and to consider the importance of love, appreciation, time and laughter in your life. 

The journal derives its title from a simple bit of math; if you take just four minutes each morning and evening to record your thoughts, you’ll spend about four hours journaling in the course of a month – hence, The 4-Hour Journal.

No, it wasn’t written by Tim Ferriss, although journaling in this manner is one of the “best practices” that he suggests everyone use to improve their mindfulness, creativity, and sense of well-being.

Mankind has generally divided the years into quarters, in keeping with the seasons. Most businesses operate on a quarterly basis, and 90 days is a good amount of time – long enough to see results from a new endeavor, but short enough to seem achievable.


Thus, this journal contains enough pages for you to record 90 days of your life. I challenge you to take the next 3 months to spend a few minutes a day, a few hours a month in writing down your goals, thoughts, and achievements and am positive that if you do, you'll enjoy the same improved quality of life that so many others have found comes with adopting a daily journaling practice.


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