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I don't journal to "be productive." I don't do it to find great ideas, or put down prose I can later publish. The pages aren't intended for anyone but me. 

~ Tim Ferriss

These empty pages are now your future, soon to become your past. In them you will find the most personal tale ever told in a book.

~ Anonymous

Increase mindfulness...

Find inspiration...

Focus on what matters...

These are some of the reasons to adopt a daily journaling practice, and The 4-Hour Journal makes it easy with specific cues and free writing space for mornings and evenings along with180 thought-provoking quotes to encourage personal growth.

Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.

~ Christina Baldwin

A journal combining inspirational quotes, prompts to encourage you to re-connect with family and friends, to both be grateful and act on that gratitude, and to focus on what’s important every day… and to reflect on your successes every night, setting your intention to make tomorrow even better!

Studies by the University of California has found that people who use this approach experience:

Reduced levels of stress and inflamation

Lower Blood Pressure

Increased Levels of optimism

Improved Sleep Patterns

Cues to be grateful, and act on that gratitude...

Reminder to reach out to friends and family...

Improve productivity with 3 "focus items"...

Cues to reflect on:

•    The day's accomplishments

•    Making tomorrow even better

Morning "inspirational" quote...

Blank space to capture your thoughts each morning and evening...

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Evening "reflection" quote...

Spiral binding lays flat or folds over for easy writing on any surface.

Four hour journal being held
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